Data sets / Softwares


CrowdBot Challenge

All information about the crowdbot challenge is on this webpage.

DR SPAAM Detector

This repository contains the implementation of DR-SPAAM: A Spatial-Attention and Auto-regressive Model for Person Detection in 2D Range Data.

Map-matcher localization

Map-matcher is a ros node which matches a source map to a reference map.

Active SLAM

This repository contains tools for active SLAM in crowded environments. It contains code that has been tested and used with a pioneer in simulation, a real pepper robot and a real turtlebot3-pi.

Reactive navigation

Redirecting Driver Support (RDS) is a method for robots to reactively avoid imminent collisions with moving objects.


High level multi-behaviour planning for navigating through different crowd scenarios.


Simulator and benchmark implementations of RL-based robot navigation algorithms.

Data sets

No data sets are currently available.