Publication (CHI 2019): Shared-control in Wheelchairs – Building Interaction Bridges

This paper has been published in the workshop: Weaving the Threads of Vehicle Automation.


Navigating through human crowds is a challenging task for autonomous and semi-autonomous vehicles. In this extended abstract, we propose the exploration of two interaction bridges: 1) between the navigator and user; 2) between the wheelchair (and user) and the public/pedestrians. By further exploring these two bridges we argue that interaction between the user and the wheelchair can become more intuitive, utilizing more efficient feedback strategies. Our preliminary analysis in shared-control wheelchairs could potentially be extended to shared-control robots and semi-autonomous vehicles.


  • Title: Shared-control in Wheelchairs – Building Interaction Bridges
  • Authors: Zhang, Bingqing; Holloway, Catherine; Carlson, Tom; Ramirez, Herrera.
  • Date of publication: 4 Mai 2019
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